Group Trips Schedule

15-19 March[5D4N] Sumba Pasola FestivalKupangOPEN
24-30 March
[5D4N] Derawan Islands & Labuan CerminBerauOPEN
30 March-1 April[3D2N] Orangutan at Tanjung Puting National ParkJakarta/Pangkalan BunOPEN
6-15 April[10D9N] Papua Birding (Arfak & Jayapura)Jakarta/ManokwariOPEN
19-22 April[4D3N] Mt. GedeJakartaOPEN
26 April-1 May[6D5N] Mt.Bromo, Mt.Ijen & Menjangan IslandSurabayaOPEN
1-5 May[5D4N] Taka BonerateMakassarOPEN
6-10 May[5D4N] Timor OverlandKupangOPEN
11-13 May[3D2N] Explore Savu IslandKupangOPEN
18-20 May[3D2N] Mt. PapandayanBandungOPEN
26-30 May[5D4N] Jogjakarta & Dieng (Vesak Day)JogjakartaOPEN
6-10 June[5D4N] Mt. RinjaniLombokOPEN
10-17 June[8D7N] Flores Overland & OverseaEndeOPEN
11-24 June[14D13N] New Zealand (Southern Light)Jakarta/AucklandOPEN
4-8 July[5D4N] Mt. SemeruSurabayaOPEN
20-24 July[5D4N] Mentawai IslandPadangOPEN
26-29 July[4D3N] Sabang & AcehAcehOPEN
28 July-2 August[6D5N] Tangkahan, Bukit Lawang & Lake TobaKualanamuOPEN
4-7 August[4D3N] Trekking in Baliem Valley
7-11 August[5D4N] Baliem Valley FestivalWamenaOPEN
17-22 August[6D5N] Explore Mahakam Ulu KalimantanMahakamOPEN
7-11 September[5D4N] Explore AlorKupangOPEN
7-11 September[5D4N] Explore SumbaKupangOPEN
12-16 September[5D4N] Timor OverlandKupangOPEN
20-24 September[5D4N] WakatobiJakarta/WakatobiOPEN
12-15 October[4D3N] Explore Kei IslandJakartaOPEN
19-22 October[4D3N] Labengki IslandJakartaOPEN
29 October-11 November[14D13N] Explore TaiwanJakarta/TaouyuanOPEN
8-12 November[5D4N] Raja Ampat – MisoolJakarta/SorongOPEN
13-17 November[5D4N] Raja Ampat – WayagJakarta/SorongOPEN
17-21 November[5D4N] Explore Kaimana, PapuaPapuaOPEN
22-25 November[4D3N] Explore Arfak Mountains, Manokwari, PapuaPapuaOPEN

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