Group Trips Schedule

7-12 March[5D4N] Sumba Pasola FestivalKupangCONFIRMED
30 March-1 April[3D2N] Tanjung Puting National ParkJakarta/Pangkalan BunCONFIRMED
19-22 April[4D3N] Mt. GedeJakartaOPEN
26 April – 1 May[6D5N] Raja Ampat (Wayag)Jakarta/SorongFULL
4-6 May[3D2N] Pulo CintaJakarta/GorontaloCONFIRMED
24-29 May[6D5N] Mt. ArgopuroSurabayaOPEN
8-10 June[3D2N] Payung IslandJakartaOPEN
28-1 July[4D3N] Weh IslandAcehOPEN
4-9 July[6D5N] Derawan IslandsJakarta/BerauOPEN
11-15 July[5D4N] Dayak VillageJakarta/PalangkarayaOPEN
18-22 July[5D4N] Mount SemeruSurabayaOPEN
24-29 July[6D5N] Bromo, Ijen, Baluran & Menjangan IslandSurabayaOPEN
24-29 July[6D5N] Yogyakarta All-in-OneYogyakartaOPEN
1-5 August[5D4N] Nusa Penida & Nusa LembonganBaliOPEN
1-5 August[5D4N] Karimun JawaSemarangOPEN
7-11 August[5D4N] Baliem Valley FestivalJayapuraOPEN
11-15 August[5D4N] Baliem Valley TrekkingJayapuraOPEN
22-26 Aug[5D4N] Mt. TamboraSumbawaOPEN
1-5 September[5D4N] Banda NeiraAmbonOPEN
6-11 September[6D5N] Maluku & Raja Ampat (Misool)AmbonOPEN
14-20 September[7D6N] Flores OverlandEndeOPEN
20-23 September[4D3N] Sailing KomodoLabuan BajoOPEN
27-2 October[6D5N] Kupang & AlorKupangOPEN
3-7 October[5D4N] Timor OverlandKupangOPEN
11-16 October[6D5N] Bira, Selayar & Taka BonerateMakassarOPEN
17-21 October[5D4N] Toraja LandMakassarOPEN
23-29 October[7D6N] Togean IslandsGorontaloOPEN
1-6 November[6D5N] Mt. Rinjani & GilisLombokOPEN
13-18 November[6D5N] Bukit Lawang, Tangkahan and Lake TobaKualanamuOPEN

 Not confirmed and still open for registration  |  CONFIRMED – confirmed and still open for registration  |  FULL – closed for registration

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