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Pasola Festival

Ratenggaro Village / Bwanna Beach / Lendongara Hill / Weekuri Lake / Mandorak Beach / Tarung Village / Prai Ijing Village / Lapopu Waterfall / Walakiri Beach / Pasola Festival / Bukit Persaudaraan

Explore Sumba

Bukit Persaudaraan / Savanna of Wairingding / Walakiri Beach / Puru Kambera / Tanggedu Waterfall / Waimarang Waterfall / Rende Village / Wutu Parunu Beach / Tarung Village / Ratenggaro Village / Lendongara Hill




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Sumba Island


Sumba, one of the less-developed islands in Indonesia, it is an island with its rugged savannah and low limestone hills knitted together with more maize and cassava than rice, physically it looks nothing like Indonesia’s volcanic islands to the north. Sumba is known as the Texas of Indonesia

Throw in outstanding handspun, naturally dyed ikat, and the annual Pasola festival – where bareback horsemen ritualize old tribal conflicts as they battle one another with hand-carved spears – and it’s easy to see that Sumba runs deep.

Sumba’s extensive grasslands make it one of Indonesia’s leading horse-breeding islands. Horses still serve as a mode of transport in the regions, they remain a symbol of wealth and status, and they can still win a bride.

Waingapu, the capital, is well known for producing the finest ikat fabric in Indonesia. A little further out at Rende and Melolo sit stone tombs with bizarre carvings, and in other villages on the east coast, you’ll find quality weaving, traditional structures and deserted beaches.

The main town in the west is Waikabubak, where characteristic houses with thatched roofs soar to an apex over 15m above the ground.



Landscape in Sumba is rather hilly. There are no volcanoes, extremely dry – not harmonious green but still beautiful.

Tribal Villages

The Sumbanese traditional house (Sumbanese uma mbatangu, “peaked house”) refers to the traditional vernacular house of the Sumba people from the island of Sumba, Lesser Sunda Islands, Indonesia. Sumbanese house is characterized with its high-pitched central peak in its roof and strong connection with the spirits or marapu.

Traditional Horse Racing

Horse race is a traditional sport in East Sumba and most people in Sumba and from surrounding islands always wait for the annual horse race festival, Pasola.


DAY 1: Southwest Sumba

Arrive at Tambolaka and you will continue your journey to explore Bwanna Beach. The beach has a long stretch of crystal clear sand under the majestic of the cliff facing the Indian Ocean. Then, you will see the sunset at Lendongara Hill.

DAY 2: Southwest Sumba

After breakfast, you will visit Ratenggaro Village where you will meet the locals in their own culture, living in their own traditional Sumbanese houses. After that, you will go to Weekuri Lake which is a saltwater lake at the southwest of Sumba. And then, you will continue your journey to Mandorak Beach.

DAY 3: West Sumba

Breakfast at hotel and then get ready to check out. You will be heading to Waikabubak to visit the Tarung and Prai Ijing Village to see the stone graves and Sumbanese Traditional Houses. After that, you will go to Lapopu Waterfall. In the evening, you will watch the traditional boxing before the Pasola Festival event.

DAY 4: West Sumba

Wake up call at 4.30 am to see the Nyale Ritual at the beach. Then, you will see the Pasola War Festival at Waikabubak. After the festival, you will head to East Sumba, about 3 hours drive to see the sunset at Walakiri Beach. This beach has magical trees which are growing in the water.

DAY 5: East Sumba

On the last day of the trip, you will visit Bukit Persaudaraan, the hills where you can see the landscape of Sumba. Drop-off at Waingapu airport after that.


DAY 1: East Sumba

Upon arrival at Waingapu, you will be right away going to Bukit Persaudaraan to enjoy the typical scenic landscape of Sumba. Then you will go to the Savanna of Wairinding and finally enjoy the sunset at Walakiri Beach.

DAY 2: East Sumba

After breakfast, you will visit Puru Kambera – the tropical white sandy beach with crystal clear blue water. After that, you will go to Tanggedu Waterfall. To go there, you will have to go for a little off-road path by car and climb some hills and get to the waterfall by trekking.

DAY 3: West Sumba

After breakfast, you will visit Waimarang Waterfall. The trek will be a little bit challenging and tough. But the beautiful waterfall will make it worth all your efforts. From there, you will continue to visit Rende Village where you will witness big megalithic tombs in Sumba and also the traditional Sumbanese houses. Lastly, you will visit Watu Parunu Beach before going back to the hotel.

DAY 4: Southwest Sumba

After breakfast, get ready to check out. You will travel by car for about 3 hours to reach western Sumba. First stop will be the Tarung Village to see the stone graves and also the Sumbanese traditional houses. Then, you will go to Ratenggaro Village to learn the Sumbanese culture and traditional houses.

DAY 5: Southwest Sumba

On the last day of the trip, you will visit Lendongara Hill, the hills where you can see the landscape of Sumba. Drop-off at Tambolaka airport after that.


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